Beween 2012 and 2024 I have been teaching in different Universities in Germany and EU. Initially it has been Branding and Communication Design and between 2016 until 2023 at the HCU (Hafencity University Hamburg) in the Department Q-Studies and City Planning and Applied Smart City Design at the Macromedia FH in Berlin. My subject was a mix auf Augmented Reality, Mobility and Tactical Urbanism enhanced with some Corona Salsa

I / O the title of this section relates to the fact that the person who has learnt the most in my classes is me, thanks for that to my student / teachers!

A Seminar at the HCU in the field of city planning (BA). The Students were asked to develop post-corona mobility scenarios for a specific district (the ‘Portugiesenviertel’) in the City of Hamburg. The imagination was also stimulated by the ICT 2021 Festival (the ‘Olympics of Transportation’) that took place during that time in Hamburg.

On the spots the students pinned Tags on the ground, and with conventional smart phones the installations and models could be seen (p.s. this still works now if you follow the step by step on the posters above). It was important to allow the whole public to try the concepts, so the posters and models needed to be with Simple UXUI and attractive design. Technology used was ARJS Open Source Code..

Article about the Seminar on Linkedin >

Article about the Seminar on Linkedin >

Stadtplanung @ Hafencity Universität Hamburg (WS 20/21)

Lighthouse project: Bicycle bridge over the Norderelbe River. The new district of Grasbrook is to be connected to downtown Hamburg via the Hafencity through a bicycle bridge that meets the mobility requirements of the new quarter. This idea originates from the coalition agreement between the Greens and the SPD for the 2019 Hamburg state election, and the seminar deals with optimal solutions for this lighthouse project.

360° drone panorama shots are a novelty of the project, as well as the use of geolocation data to document mobility and serve as a basis for (visual) representations of projects and ideas.

The resulting concepts can be viewed on GOOGLE MAPS as panoramas on the locations. This has never been done before, there were no 360° drone panoramas as a source for Google Street View before this project!

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