Motion Design

Motion (Graphic) Design is my passion, I have worked as designer and animator (= Motion Designer) for many interesting years in CH, US and EU; My work is in Design Direction for Motion and Interactive Brands, for moving ideas Online, Onair and also Offline.

I am very fortunate, I had a chance to witness the growth and development of motion design on two continents, and be part of it. But let the work speak for itself.

Smart EQ App

Splash Screen

CLIENT: MB / Smart

Computer Rock, Hamburg, Zürich

With (early) Lottie® it was finally possible to bring High End Animation Qualities to mobile computer screens in the palm of the Users. To be able to work on a project for new Smart eMobility with this awesome technology was more than the Icing on the Cake!

Apple iPod ‘Gamma’

CLIENT: TBWA Chiat Day, Los Angeles

Design Boards / Motion Design / Art Direction / Rotoscoping

NIVEA + Rihanna ‘AR Video’

CLIENT: Blast Radius


Design Boards / Motion Design / AE

ALDI SÜD ‘Dein Aldi’

CLIENT: Omnicom, Hamburg

Direction / Animation / UXUI / Design / AE

LA METRO ‘Sustainability’


Multiple Projects. Video and Interactive for 10 years.

The Video was a joined project for LA METRO, Freeway Crew and CALTRANS to show the benefit of the public services for sustainable transportation.

Direction / Animation / UXUI Design / Brand Design / AE / #digitalurbanism



This project in particular for the GO 511 I like a lot for the witty simplicity of the Motion Design.

Direction / Animation / Motion Design / AE / #digitalurbanism

EDEKA ‘Supergeil’

CLIENT: Jung von Matt, Alster

Casevideo EDEKA, Image Spot

Design Boards / Motion Design / Edit / AE

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games

CLIENT: Olympic Comitee Vancouver, BC, Canada

Soundtrack April Lavigne (Live)

The video was used to cover the change on the Stage when the Artist makes room for the two majors (Vancouver and Turin). Audience Record: about 32.7 Million Viewers just in the US.

Official Video for the Torch Exchange in Turin

Photography / Design Boards / Motion Design / Edit / AE

VW Polo Car Configurator

CLIENT: VW Germany

Agency: CECO

Design Boards / Motion Design / Edit / AE / #digitalurbanism

BMW Digital


Design Boards / Motion Design / UXUI / Edit / AE / #digitalurbanism



Character Development / Design Boards / Motion Design / UXUI / Edit / AE / #digitalurbanism

While I was studying Animation Design at the Kunsthochschule Kassel in 1990 my first animation project was about the Subway in Frankfurt. We forgot to ask for a Shooting Permit then, and Camera etc. was confiscated at the subway station, rocky start! But Animation (Motion Design) and Public Transportation is still with me.. 🙂

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